Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shake Shack

After nearly seven years of anticipation, I finally enjoyed the burger mecca that is Shake Shack.  
Knowing that it would likely be quiet on a hot day in mid-summer, Rob and I strolled over to their newest location in Battery Park City and were pleasantly surprised to find no wait! We each ordered a cheeseburger, soda and fries and proceeded to a booth, with buzzer in hand. Fully prepared with plenty of ketchup (I enjoy excessive amounts) I was ready to enjoy.  
After short time, we were a buzzin’ and Rob went to retrieve our order. 

We were greeted by happy little burgers with impressively fresh veggie condiments (lettuce, onion and tomato) and I particularly liked how each sandwich was placed in a paper “purse” to prevent drippings. The burger itself was a tiny bit greasy (it’s cooked on a flat-top skillet), but the purse came in handy, as did the fluffy and delicious potato bun, which soaked up some of the drops.  The fries were a stand out and were perfectly fried, crispy and hot. 
While it’s no BLT Burger (my favorite), it certainly didn’t disappoint and I look forward to returning again!

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