Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

The weekend came and went in a flash and was filled with a host of good things including a nice dinner at Barbarini with friends, a show by the great and only TRAGEDY (“the #1 all metal tribute to the Bee Gees”), a carnival party in New Jersey and a restful Sunday watching bad movies. 

After a short, but terribly long week at the office, I raced home to get my weekend started. We were quickly out and about, starting our evening with a nice dinner at Barabarini on Front Street. I enjoyed the vegetable lasagna, which was nice, but certainly not as good as my husband’s. What was absolutely delicious was the vitello tonnato. An Italian dish of cold, sliced veal covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce flavored with tuna, I don’t see this on menus often and always order it when available. We proceeded to a wine bar across the street (Bin 220) and then made our way to the wonderful Brooklyn Bowl for a little Bee Gees action!

The show went on at midnight at planned and they certainly didn’t disappoint. 

We had a good crowd who enjoyed the performance - and antics from the band - and it was a great night all around. 

The next day, we embarked on a trip to Freehold, NJ for a Carnival party that my husband’s Aunt was throwing. Being a big holiday and decoration fan, I was immediately impressed as I walked into the house and was greeted with adornments galore – a gorgeous “tablescape” (thank you Sandra Lee), beads everywhere, Venetian masks scattered about (and even on the walls) and decorations hanging from the ceiling, to boot. Oh, and they even had an accordion player come in to entertain us! We mingled with Aunt and Uncle’s friends and they really were a fun (and loud) crowd. The food – in traditional carnival style – was heavy on the meat and I even tasted tripe for the first time (not something I'm dying to have again, I'll note). 

By Sunday morning, I was ready for some down time and spent a lazy day on the sofa half- watching Your Highness, re-runs of The Wonder Years and America’s Test Kitchen. I retired to bed super early and rested up for what I knew would be a busy week ahead.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been a terribly long time since I've last blogged - and can't believe that more than a quarter has lapsed since my previous entry. I certainly miss the writing, but between the holiday excitement, planning, and entertaining (and the post-holiday blues that followed), the time has just escaped me. 

But there's no better time than the present, right? As such, I plan to get posting regularly again and you can be sure to find more street art, kitchen concoctions and updates on the goings-on in my life.

So, to re-kick this off and get back into the swing, please enjoy a few of my dear Valentine Annalees....