Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baking with Blueberries

Summer is in full swing, and among other wonderful things, that means fresh berries.  Mom, who lives upstate, generously brought me about three pints of blueberries (that she hand-picked) and I used it as an opportunity to try a couple new recipes.
First, I made blueberry oatmeal muffins from a recipe I found at My Recipes.
The lemon zest adds a nice fresh flavor and the buttermilk contributes to its wonderful, moist texture. While the muffins came out nice – light, moist and flavorful – the recipe called for cinnamon which I would eliminate next time. While I love cinnamon (and the muffins with it aren’t bad) it’s more of a fall/winter spice to me and prevented to deliver the summer-time muffin I was hoping for. 
Next, I was on to scones. Using an Alton Brown recipe that got great reviews, I made these delicious treats.
For the scones, I wouldn’t change a thing and they really came out lovely. Light, sweet (but not too sweet), slightly creamy and bursting with berry goodness; I would certainly make these again.  We enjoyed the scones with my homemade ricotta and it may have been even nicer than clotted cream.
I have a bit of the berries left, but think I’ll save them for snacking, as we have quite the lot of baked goods at home, including banana cookies, too.  

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  1. Rob forwarded this along to me just at breakfast time (PDT). Made my cold cereal seem somewhat less appealing. Funny how that works.