Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crosby Street Hotel

A tea tower + mini brunch treats = a delicious meal at the Crosby Street Hotel
While that menu item seemed like a little too much food for me, Rob (with a better appetite) ordered the signature High Breakfast. Not only did the food look delicious, but it presented wonderfully, as well, and boasts all of the brunch favorites including:
-       Spinach and goat’s cheese crossiant
-       Mini eggs Benedict and mini eggs Royale
-       Bacon sandwich on buttered white bread
-       Brown toast fingers with smoked salmon and black pepper
-       Mini seasonal fruit bowl, mini crunch pot, mini house-made granola bar
-       Pain au chocolat with banana and maple syrup
-       House made mini muffin
A lesser eater, who gets full very fast, I ordered the Crosby Breakfast, which included any hot menu item, in addition to seasonal fruit, yogurt and pastries from the buffet. The buffet, while not ridiculously huge, was very nice (though not nearly as special as Wall & Water’s) and included a plentiful fresh fruit bar with special treats like cloud berries, star fruit and long-stem strawberries. The pastries were gorgeous and I enjoyed a fruity bran muffin as I waited for my hot plate. Naturally, for my hot plate, I chose eggs benedict, as it’s one of my favorites. A huge fan of the benedict (and frequent orderer of such), I was excited to try theirs. Unfortunately the yolk was quite overcooked (hard actually), which really detracts from the dish. That said, the Canadian bacon was especially nice, as it wasn’t too salty and was quite flavorful. 
Despite the sub-par benedict, I thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Crosby Street. The décor is eclectic and great with some large, slightly creepy and interesting pieces of art on the wall. Additionally, there are rotary telephones, which have been converted into lamps, interspersed on tables and clustered on the wall.  The seats were large and cozy, always a plus at any meal.  
I was also pleased to see that they offer a high tea, and look forward to bringing my mom there in the near future. We’re both very fond of tea time and I have a feeling this place does it right. 
Crosby Street is really everything a hotel restaurant should be – welcoming, relaxing, un-rushed and pretty. A great place to have a bite, read the paper and enjoy the morning, I look forward to visiting again soon. 

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