Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Question:  What is Accomplice?
Answer:  Part game, part theater, part tour. Using the sprawling backdrop of the city as its stage, utilizing elements of improv theater and scavenger hunt, Accomplice will make you laugh, think, and experience the city in a whole new way. Who's in on it? Who's not? Each production a unique adventure!
Minor Spoiler Alert (though I try to keep the big details out)….
We partook in the adventure of Accomplice on a sunny Saturday with friends and had a blast finding out “who done it.”
Beginning in a bar on Barrow Street, with a friendly “tour guide” Linda, she began to give us the lay of the land, explain the mission and assign roles.  Just as Linda was mid-sentence, a clearly intoxicated patron fell off a stool with a thump. We were all jarred and worried, as this drunken lady proceeded to roam aimlessly around the bar, only to approach our group. She quickly mistook her bag for that of our tour guide, pulled a half eaten apple from her pocket (along with dog biscuits) and was extremely confused and disorientated. As such, Linda decided to take the woman to a local clinic…
Little did we know that we were embarking on Accomplice.
Some of the other group members were initially very worried about the impaired patron and asked with concern if this was part of the show. Linda dodged the questions, told us she was taking the woman to get help and instructed us to go find the house (which was on a postcard in the bar) that the patron pointed out as familiar.
We quickly made our way over to the house only to find a dumb, yet kind, caretaker sweeping in front. We explained how a woman in the bar identified this place and soon witnessed the mystery further unfold.  
Exploring places around the Village, we were off on a hunt to find who stole a priceless painting from the family parlor.  From visiting with a fortune teller, who was intently reading a crystal ball, to a redneck in Washington Square Park, who provided us a bag with clues (and other characters in between) we were searching for the answer and having lots of fun along the way. 
Finally, we got to the bottom of the case in a quiet, dimly lit bar on Houston Street and all cheered as we unraveled the mystery!
It was a really great time, and these experiential shows seem to be a growing trend for NYC theater (or at least I’m just catching on to them now). Either way, I’d recommend this for a fun, mildly challenging activity and a good excuse to get outside, meet new friends and test oneself.

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