Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend and Worries

Another great and productive weekend on the books, and while 90% of life is going wonderfully, I’m troubled by a few things these days.
To start, our kitchen still isn’t done and the contractor shows up at will (which I’m told is par for the course, but still not okay), doesn’t want to finish the job (he’s saying that the remaining items are out of the scope of work) and the place is still a project in progress (to state it optimistically). They did come on Friday and said they would try to finish the job that night, again yesterday to “finish,” and there is still more to do (installing the microwave, for starters, the drawer handles, etc.). 
The old kitchen, pre-gutting.
I can’t even begin to say how frustrating this is, especially for someone who may have a touch of OCD and needs living spaces to be tidy and orderly. I try not to complain or show that it bothers me (especially since it’s been made clear that my frustrations are frustrating), but I’m starting to feel helpless and depressed over this. I know it will eventually get finished, but right now it seems that there’s no end in sight. What was supposed to be a five day job is now more than a month in the works and it’s really starting to piss me off/upset me/etc. Fortunately, the contractor came yesterday to pick up some of his equipment (which is in the dining room), but I just want it to end. Had we anticipated this, we would have put the move off until much later. Arg!
I also have the dentist on my mind, as I go back tomorrow. As discussed earlier, I am absolutely petrified of the dentist and not only do I get my crown on, but I have a cleaning as well. While I’m not a pill popper, thank goodness that he gave me anti-anxiety pills, because without them, I don’t think I’d even be able to get myself there. It’ll be nice to get this done (hopefully) and off of my mind.
Enough complaining and let’s now focusing on the good, a great weekend that was not only fun and social, but productive too.
Friday, Rob and I were beat from the work week (and me getting over being sick), so we kept it low key with a dinner date at our favorite local Italian place, Harry’s Italian, and called it a night. Rob, also not feeling well, was out for the count very early, but I stayed up for a bit watching The Other Guys, starring Will Farrell and was surprised at how good it was (I’m a huge Will fan, but didn’t think I’d like that one). 
After an early to bed, Saturday, we were up at 6:30 a.m. and working within the hour. We went to the old apartment to clean out some of the remaining things (thanks to help from a good friend), got the butcher block for the counter cut (again) and unpacked some stuff where we could. After the work was through, we went to visit another friend who was staying at the Trump SoHo and had a lovely time lounging by the pool, with drink in hand. 
We then proceeded to brunch at the Cupping Room Cafe and enjoyed a very nice meal.  Known for their eggs benedict, I had to be the judge of that and eagerly ordered it. I’m happy to report it lived up to my hopes and expectations. Smothered in hollandaise sauce (usually restaurants go too light on it), the eggs were perfectly poached, the muffin lightly toasted and the Canadian bacon salty and delicious. 
A full belly called for a nap and after resting at home for a while, we headed back out to the James Hotel’s Treehouse Bar, where we met up with my old roommates for many drinks. One still lives in the city, but one has gone back home to Kansas, so it was really nice to see her, as she was in town for work. We chatted, ate some good David Burke food (and a gorgeous dessert or chocolate cake and goat cheese ice cream) and enjoyed the time together. It’s always a pleasure to see old friends, and a special thing to be able to pick up, right where you left off. 
We finished the night with a stop at Mary Queen of Scots, then a chess game (well, I didn’t play, but Rob did) at a friend’s apartment on the Lower East Side and enjoyed peeking at his new digs, as well. 
Sunday we slept in (past 10 a.m., which is very late in my book), walked all around SoHo, had brunch at Public and did some shopping for a coffee table (to no avail). I hadn’t been to Public and was impressed with not only the food, but the novelties they had. A huge fan of restaurant matches, not only did they have boxed ones, but pencils AND mini bars of soap bearing their logo. I love little chotskie-type things like that and that was an added bonus for brunch. 
For food, I had their fry-up which consisted of scrambled eggs on top of sourdough toast, with buttered mushroom and roasted tomatoes on the side. I’m not a fan of roasted tomatoes, but the mushrooms were out of this world. Lightly cooked in butter, they retained a bit of firmness and their earthy, woody taste.
After brunch, we returned to the apartment to do some laundry (as Rob needed clean clothes for his trip to San Diego today) and it always feels good when I accomplish that. It was the first time doing laundry in the new apartment and this laundry room (which is on the 2nd floor as opposed to the basement) is much nicer and brighter.
We finished the day with dinner at The Smith, where I had their delicious spaghetti and meatballs. The nest of al dente pasta atop three tasty, moist and large meatballs was a great way to dine on a Sunday. 
We then went to see Archers of Loaf, a band I really liked growing up, but had never had the chance to see. They just so happened to be playing a reunion tour and I jumped at the change to see them. Unfortunately, we were both feeling a bit under the weather and didn’t stay for their whole set. I was very happy to just see some and they did play a few favorite songs. I was surprised at what a crowd they gathered, considering it’s been more than a decade since they put out their last album. I think it’s fair to say that true fans remain for life. 
It’s back to the grind again today, and while I’m feeling better, I’m still not 100%. I think the stress of the apartment, kitchen, dentist tomorrow and some other things just have my body beaten down and while I’m certainly trying to keep positive, it’s not coming easily.
I’ll be relieved tomorrow when the dentist is over, I’ll be relieved when the kitchen is done, I’ll be relieved when we’re all unpacked and I’ll just be relieved to be relieved.

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