Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving Weekend

What a weekend, what a weekend. Although I had two days off (Friday and Monday), the time was anything but relaxing, as we moved apartments and I came down with a wicked 36 hour cold/flu (fever and all).
After a couple mini breakdowns on Thursday evening, we woke up Friday, packed and ready for our new home. Unfortunately, A-Z Movers’ truck broke and I was informed (15 minutes after they were supposed to arrive), that the truck was broken and movers wouldn’t be there until 3 p.m. That timing really messed up the day’s plan, and after putting my husband on the phone, they agreed to come around 1:30 p.m. They arrived promptly then and were quick (and a little reckless) with moving the furniture (so much so, they chipped the entertainment center and broke a ceiling light, which subsequently cut one of the movers).
The studio apartment- packed up and ready to go.
After a frantic two hours of moving, the unpacking could begin. The only problem was a) the kitchen was half done (at the most) and b) the contractor’s supplies were in a huge pile in the dining room. We made the best of it and settled the living room, while putting most of the kitchen stuff in the bedroom.
The new apartment in its messy glory.
It was many hours of work, and while I had a little sore throat, I was fine….until the fever hit.
Like a ton of bricks, the cold/flu enveloped me and I had a headache, the chills, a sore throat and ear and fatigue and lightheadedness. Full on sick sick. Sick like I hadn’t been in a long time. Sick like I couldn’t function. I did my best and would work for about an hour and then crash in any soft area – the swivel chair, the bed (unfortunately, not the sofa as the movers left that in the rain and it took about 15 hours to dry).
Saturday I woke up feeling just as poorly, but muscled through as best I could. We got a lot done and by Saturday evening, the place was starting to look like a home (to my great relief).
Today the granite was installed, as was the sink. Additionally, the contractor came today, so I’m hoping to come home to a much improved kitchen. Don’t think it will be done yet, but it should be in mere days and any progress will have me feeling better.
By this weekend, everything should be in place and that will please me to no end. I strongly dislike having things up in the air, disheveled and living out of boxes. I so look forward to having the place in order and toasting to our new home with a glass of Dom Perignon (which we’ve been saving for a special occasion, such as this).   

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