Friday, June 10, 2011

Google Chrome Ad

If you have a minute and 32 seconds to watch a precious ad, then please check out the Google Chrome one, below.
In the video, the baby Sophie Lee parents start an email account,, the day she was born, so they can send her all the milestones of her life – from giggling on her first birthday, to having a little brother (that she wanted to name Salt) and more.  They record all these memories via email (though notes, photos and video), and wait for the day when they can share this all with her.
I saw it for the first time a few nights ago, and in usual Rachel-form, I was balling my eyes out by spot’s end. I was taken by the sentimentality and love, and think it’s a precious gift that a parent could easily (and freely) give.
That said, upon doing some research on this I learned that this was another genius ploy from Google to get personal data from their youngest users (actually pre-users).

According to the  NY Magazine article, “the ad is actually a cleverly disguised ploy to manipulate your lack of cynicism…so that Google can nab all your personal data — and the data of your future children — to sell ads. The latest ad wants you to store personal details about your child’s life, from birth, on their servers. Google wants your data so they can sell it (aggregated and anonymized, of course) to others to make money.”

Because Google makes most of their money selling advertisitng (by selling you), it’s really a clever approach. The author of the article was creeped out by it, but being that this is par for the course in the virtual world, I find it absolutely fine (and enjoyed a good cry).

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