Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taste of Tribeca

Nothing says summer like Taste of Tribeca and a Pimm’s Cup.  And happily, I enjoyed both on a lovely, sunny Saturday.

An annual event, which I anticipate all year, Taste of Tribeca “is a one-of-a-kind outdoor culinary festival featuring signature dishes from renowned Tribeca chefs, a comprehensive wine tour and live entertainment provided exclusively by City Winery.  With nearly all of downtown’s critically acclaimed restaurants participating, Taste of Tribeca brings together top talent and some of the most sought after destinations, including the Harrison, Bouley, Tribeca Grill, Blaue Gans, Landmarc, newcomer Plein Sud, the Odeon and Nobu, who has returned to the Festival after four years.  All proceeds from the event will ensure the continuation of arts and enrichment programs at local public schools PS 150 and PS 234.”

My third time enjoying this delicious festival, we arrived promptly at 11:30 a.m., as it’s been growing in attendance each year (and we knew what crowds to anticipate). Approaching the event, even from a few blocks away, we could see the mass of people filling Duane Street, mulling about and scoping the best dishes. We proceeded over (complimentary tickets in hand, thanks to a generous cousin) and I was already formulating a strategy.
Photos really don't do this justice...

Do I make a bee-line to my favorite always-first taste (Walker’s pulled pork sandwich) or forego that and opt for something lighter that will allow me to be less full, less fast? I decided on saving Walker’s for later, and headed to Scalini Fedeli for the porcine ravioli. As delicious as I recalled, I hungrily ate the pair of pasta and began thinking of my next move. Choosing to wait in the monstrous line and get the Bison from Marc Forgione, I was not disappointed with the decision. I also was not disappointed with the star sighting of the chef himself, who was slaving over a hot grill and barking orders at the elementary school volunteers, telling one, “you’ve got to hurry it up.” We proceeded to stroll around as our quite full bellies needed a break and enjoyed running into friends and family along the way. Fortunately, there are a few welcoming bars on the street, as well, so it provided a nice respite for breaks (and sips of beer).
Marc at work (in the black t, with mohawk)

By the time my card was filled, my belly was also, and I had the following items:
·         Scalini Fedeli
o   Porcine Ravioli with Porcine Black Truffle Cream Sauce
·         Walkers Restaurant and Bar
o   BBQ Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw and Watermelon
·         Marc Forgione
o   High Plains Bison Prime Rib, Ramp Chimichurri, Smoked salt
·         Mehtaphor
o   Spice Kabobs, Chipotle Mayonnaise
·         Whole Foods
o   Vegan Nacho Cups
·         Pepolino
o   Torta de Ricotta (Ricotta Cheese Cake)

Not only was there good food in ol’ Tribeca, but there was great star-sighting too. Caught a glimpse of Harvey Keitel and said hello to Liev Schreiber – which is always exciting to this star gazer.
Dessert filled eggs

Of course, Taste is a full day, and just because the festival is over, doesn’t mean it’s time to go home.  After our tastes were done, we made our way to local bar, Warren 77 (which is owned by another famous, Sean Avery) and awaited the Rapture and Preakness.  The Rapture never came, though our celebratory bottle of prosecco sure did, but it was fun while it lasted. Since I was alive to celebrate another summer (since the Rapture didn’t take or reject me), I partook in a Pimm’s Cup and cheered to life, warm days ahead and a wonderful life.

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