Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Luke's Lobster

My high expectations were duly met last night at the humble, unassuming Luke’s Lobster.  This quaint urban lobster shack presented one of the best lobster rolls I’ve ever had and the product certainly lived up to the hype.
Enveloped in a soft, light, buttery roll, the sweet and tender lobster chunks were a delight on my palate. Perfectly proportioned and manageable pieces provided a wonderful foundation for this roll and the light mayo dressing didn’t compete with the natural deliciousness of the lobster.  
The décor is nautical, rustic and certainly evoked a feeling of Maine, as did the friendly staffers. The counter boy was quite nice and patiently explained their various flavors of Maine Root soda to my friend who asked for a Dr. Pepper (she settled with Sarsaparilla).
I look forward to another Luke’s visit, but am now quite curious about its competitors (Ed’s, Red Hook, etc). That said, I’m feeling the need to “test” some other lobster rolls so that I can be a better informed consumer (and therefore provide you with more reviews).
Off to Brindle Room tonight and already excited for the whipped potato & salt cod. Mmm... Salt cod.

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