Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bridle Room

Last night’s meal at the Bridle Room provided the perfect backdrop for dinner with my “girls,” three former coworkers, whom I’ve been blessed to call friends. We all arrived promptly at 7 (which is an event unto itself as our busy lives often mean that at least one person will be running late) and were greeted by two lovely ladies who welcomed us, provided the menus and promptly offered us a drink.

I chose the sparkling sangria – a mix of bubbly, elder flower and fresh fruit. A light and refreshing choice (but I could easily see how the sweetness could get to you after more than one). Upon reviewing the menu, I was a bit disappointed, as the dish I was anticipating – Brandade (whipped potato and salt cod) was not available, but I was quickly sold on the night’s special, a burger. Comprised of prime aged "beef trimmings and deckle" from the steakhouse of the owner’s partner (Sebastian's in Morristown, New Jersey), caramelized onions and cheese, it was lightly charred patty atop a white, toasted roll. The natural cut fries were plentiful, sprinkled with sea salt and fried to pure loveliness. The girls enjoyed their dishes too and one had the same as I, one had braised kale and the radish salad and one, the seared salmon on a bed of kale (which they adjusted to make gluten free).

I must say, that the more I think about it, my only complaint (and it wasn’t related to the dining experience) is their lackluster website. While restaurants aren’t required to have the best, most innovative, wow-worthy site, they should have an attractive one, which actually compliments the overall ambiance of the restaurant. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, Brindle Room’s site certainly doesn’t add anything, in fact, it may actually make the potential diner think that it’s less of an establishment than it is.  I feel the same way about Trinity Place’s site, as well.

Website aside, Brindle was a solid dining experience, a strong medium and I’d go back again. That said, with so many restaurants in NY, I don’t expect that to be anytime soon.

And speaking of food related things, I’m excited about many right now. Tonight, I’ll be dining at home, making “spring vegetable party,” a mix of fresh peas, fiddlehead ferns and asparagus (will most likely blanch and then sauté them with garlic infused olive oil and top it with lemon zest).  Saturday is the always anticipated, Taste of Tribeca and Sunday will be my first time visiting, Taste of Nolita.

Debating a few days of Master Cleanse, next week, after all these indulgences! 

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