Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cooking with Apples

When a few dozen ripe apples on hand, we were challenged with what to make utilizing the ingredient.  While I began baking two batches of my grandmother’s apple cake, Rob quickly took to the kitchen and whipped up a lovely apple themed meal.
Clockwise from top: apple gratin, apple sauce, cider and bourbon marinated pork chop, fresh-mixed veggies
First he made an apple and onion gratin, comprised of julienned ingredients. It had a nice creamy texture and was baked to perfection. 
He also made some homemade applesauce to compliment the pork chops that was sweet, yet tart, chunky and the perfect texture (not too smooth, not too creamy). For the pork, he marinated the chops in an apple bourbon glaze, which came out deliciously. And finally, (because we had a lot of veggies on hand) he made a bright and sunny mixed veggie side (the only thing not apple related in this meal). 
All was delicious and while we’ve been eating and using the apples, we still have a lot left! 
Any good apple recipe suggestions?


  1. Yummy! Paula Deen has a strudel recipe:

    Or what about apple pancakes?

    Or here are some "old-fashioned" recipes:

  2. Thanks for these, Char! I LOVE the idea of apple pancakes (and the other recipes sound delicious, as well). Will definitely have to give these a try!