Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yankees Game (and Museum)

I love baseball – on the radio, on T.V., but especially at the stadium. Over Labor Day weekend, Rob and I hopped the train to the Bronx for some good American fun!
We got there with time to spare, so waited in line to check out the Yankees Museum and were impressed with the history and relics they were able to fit into the relatively small space. 
All the memorabilia tells a great tale of the game – the history, its place in the country’s culture and the fan adoration, and beyond.  I was impressed with the quality of preservation and enjoyed seeing some very old pieces (like Babe Ruth’s uniform) intact.  
Of course, being a newer fan, I also enjoyed some recent items, like the jersey from Jeter’s 3,000 hit. 
And being a lady who enjoys some bling, I marveled at the vast collection of World Series rings, which varied in style as the years progressed.  The rings have certainly got more showy and ostentatious, but I think it’s safe to surmise that that’s just keeping pace with our society in general. 
I enjoyed the museum much more than expected, but my favorite was the model of the new stadium. As a doll-house collector, growing up, I am still drawn to miniatures and the detail and precision of this one was very impressive. 

Beyond the museum, we had a great day at the game and enjoyed walking around, having ball park treats (Nathan’s hot dog and fries- yum!) and being part of the excitement. 

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