Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Mulberry Project

Tucked into a basement, in the heart of Little Italy, is a slightly hidden speakeasy called The Mulberry Project.  On one sunny, hot Saturday, we and a few friends, ventured there for brunch.
The place, while dark and sexy in the lounge, opens to a great back yard – a novelty for any New Yorker in the summer.  Decorated with fake grass and graffitied walls, it was a perfect setting for a summer meal. 
We were all enjoying the drinks, conversation and ambiance until it got too cool for school. Now, I may be getting old, but once the DJ started spinning (in the early afternoon...and at a high volume), I wasn’t loving it as much as I did originally.I understand the whole idea of a clubby brunch, and can certainly appreciate, but just wasn't feeling it.
I will say that it’s a very cool place, with great artwork in the foyer. The service and food were both pretty good, but don’t think I need to go back there again. 
Overall,  The Mulberry Project is a cool and hip place, perhaps too cool and hip for me! 

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