Monday, April 2, 2012

SUNY Cortland

When my husband warned me that Cortland, N.Y. is the "town that time forgot," I underestimated that statement. Along for the ride, I accompanied him on a trip upstate for a alumni/student event, in which he was participating.

Situated in central (slightly western) New York state, Cortland is nestled in a large valley and seemingly isolated from the outside world. We arrived on Friday evening and stayed at a quaint and cute motel, which was reminiscent of my grandmother's old house in decor and atmosphere. While my small town of 10,000 felt listless and removed from cosmopolitan life, this one was markedly different. The place feels dated and in need of a revitalization. That being said, the it does boast some gorgeous, historic buildings, which I much enjoyed.

Despite this being the town of forgotten time, it does have a lively college atmosphere thanks to the SUNY campus. But, if you're looking for a bustling downtown or a Starbucks, you won't find it there. What you will find on campus is an awesome vending machine, which is more like an automated grocery store!

Over the course of the weekend, we enjoyed hanging with Rob's college friend (who was also in town for the event), eating yuck pizza, catching some March Madness games, watching a brawl from inside the local diner (which was subsequently broken up by the police seconds in) and walking about.

While I don't need to head back to Cortland any time soon, I enjoyed spending the time with my husband, exploring a new place and being reminded of my fortune to live in NYC.

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